What Local 209 Can Do For You

  • I.A.T.S.E. Local 209 represents the Studio Mechanics throughout the State of Ohio.

    Our members work in all the departments of the Film and Television Industry on a multitude of productions.

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  • Local 209 strives to provide benefits for its members, and a quality workforce for employers.

    Find out how to join and what qualifications all IATSE members must have.

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  • Our members are some of the most talented artists and technicians in the industry.

    Check out member resumés for more information on how talented we are.

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Working With Local 209

  • Permission for Working Within Local 209 Jurisdiction

    If you are not a member of Local 209 and wish to work within our jurisdiction then there are a few things you must do before you start. The first is to download the PDF file in this section and fill it out. You will need to know the Production that you wish to work for and the Position you wish to work in. Also let us know what contract you will be working under. Once you have that information you will need the permission of your home local to work in another jurisdiction and be a 'Fully Paid-up Member' of that Local. Please supply us with the contact information of your home Local as this will help expedite the process.

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